Let Your Shadow Part the Way

I fell with you
And all the rest saw your display
I would choose to do and never look away
We left them there to find our peace
In wasteland lovers bind until all time would cease

Move on to grow and take back ours
The other gazed on
Surely beguiled

Fall again to southern shores
Where God’s beloved city roars
A creature true
Had come along to cradle you
Then broke the cord
Broken accord
To flow into the separate molds
Of Fairy and of Wolf

Now fairy flies to part the skies
Her shadow brings the devil’s things
From those who feel too much
In lust and for the hate of it
Cut and ride the line between destruction and the end

In all perfection sought
Unattained but worth the thought

She stays forever free

She prays down on her knees

Published by dbmoore0727

***All views are my own*** I write commentary on current world events as well as short stories and book reviews. My first book, Where the River Flows - Memories of the Shadow Age, can be found on Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited). I attended Arizona State University studying neurochemistry. I've worked professionally as a ghostwriter and managed analytical laboratories in supplements and pharmaceuticals, as well as operated as a consultant and technical writer for academics and companies in the science and engineering fields for over ten years. I've been writing creatively all my life. I hope you enjoy the content -- I want my readers to feel empowered to comment and critique as they feel compelled.

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