Corrosion springs to violence brings

A crude malicious tune

On crowded sheet of heaven street

We cry for what is true

I fought for you and lost for you

And wait for you to find

Me holding prize with all my might

Althought it’s never mine

Truth’s a bird with broken wing

Tattered and abused

It dove for you, and died for you

Waiting for your notice

Sought, and lost, and cherished

Though loved it bites and stings

It’s one blind eye still back in darkness

This all your mercy brings?

I craft my prayers to tonic spells

And light them in the night

So the universe may not ignore

Whats beautiful and bright

Make me a giant

So my shadow parts the way

For mercy bring the truth to flight

And grace the pain away

Published by dbmoore0727

***All views are my own*** I am a punk and a romantic with interests in all aspects of the world and its society.

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