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Current Events, news, social commentary and political satire with some philosophy sprinkled in.

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Short stories and poems, excerpts from original writing, and book reviews (classic and modern).

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I offer services from ghostwriting and editing to collaborations on current events and creative projects.

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Evil live above the sky To catch the deceived and sleepy eye And then once seen no looking back Destroy subjective mind Where nothing ever fades to black So beautiful forever shout And nothing dies and no way out Satisfaction pined One is always and it stays while ever jaded lives will pay … ForeverContinue reading “EvolovE”


We pass through gates with colors high The red and orange and yellow Fast paced green and everything behind With death ahead, behold Just another creaking door We take no time to close But run right through with careless minds Grip on us never shows … Beneath the arcs of change The wonder will surpriseContinue reading “Fall”

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.


Writing and language are magic

…Any idea or dream that you have begins the journey to its realization by wrapping language around it…

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My personal mission is to produce writing that reflects my own unique (but positive) outlook on anything and everything with a sarcastic, satirical edge.

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