About Me

My personal mission is to produce writing that reflects my own unique (but positive) outlook on anything and everything with a sarcastic, satirical edge. I love romantic fiction.

I write commentary on current world events as well as short stories and book reviews. My first book, Where the River Flows – Memories of the Shadow Age, can be found on Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited — here). I attended Arizona State University and studied Chemistry and Biology, Psychology and Business, and worked as a researcher in wildlife and environmental sciences, analytical chemistry, and economics. I’ve worked professionally as a ghostwriter and managed analytical laboratories in supplements and pharmaceuticals, as well as operated as a consultant and technical writer for academics and companies in the science and engineering fields for over ten years. I’ve been writing creatively all my life. I hope you enjoy the content — I want my readers to feel empowered to comment and critique as they feel compelled.

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