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In addition to my personal writing, I offer ghostwriting and technical services. Anything from creative writing and poetry to academic research and user manuals or operating procedures. I have worked in ghostwriting and consulting for over ten years and have written custom poetry for birthday cards, anniversaries, etc. I charge depending on the job and keep my rate very competitive. I’m happy to help with almost anything. Send a message to let me know what you need and we’ll get started on perfecting your project.


Ghostwriting and assistance with research, papers and procedures. I’m also able to edit journal articles and dissertations.


Poetry and short stories. Greeting cards and romantic letters.


Software and user manuals, presentations, and standard operating procedures. I’m able to edit as well as create.

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Contract Services

Pay for custom writing services rendered, or donate to help keep the blog and business alive. Select the desired dollar amount below. Thank you for your support! I also take payments using Zelle at


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