Excerpt – Memories of the Shadow Age – Where the River Flows: Book One

—From Chapter V — Full book here

‘You two go ahead,’ he said with the car idling in front of the large, well-lit house. ‘I’ll find parking and meet up with you.’

‘Send a text when you’re close,’ Candace suggested.

‘Will do.’

The girls climbed out the passenger side door, walked up the steps to the fraternity, and then disappeared into the giant structure. It had been fifteen minutes before David caved and decided to pay for a spot in the parking garage a few blocks away. It was another ten minutes before he was close enough to the house to warrant sending Candace a text message asking her to meet him out front, and another five before he gave up waiting for a response. One of the fraternity brothers had been watching the door when he saw the young man approach who was wearing and very nicely filling out the black t-shirt with black boots on his feet and boot cut jeans resting around their tops, and who stood well over six feet with long golden hair landing in loose curls on his chest and back. When David was at the doorway, the boy at the door could also see the short beard with the clean-shaven upper lip.

‘Hey,’ the young man named David Emerson bellowed to the boy. ‘I’m here with friends. Short girl with long hair and freckles and her roommate.’ The thumping music did not drown out his deep voice.

‘I’m not supposed to let any guys in that I don’t know,’ was the response.

‘Here…’ David pulled out his phone and flipped it open to show the fraternity boy a picture of Candace. It was ten o’clock. He had no new messages.

‘Yeah I saw her come in but –’

David stopped listening and looked the boy who was likely two or three years older than himself up and down. The boy was a few inches shorter with a feminine jawline and pretty features. David walked past him, and the thumping grew louder.

‘Hey, you can’t just –’ the boy started.

‘Stop me,’ David belted. There was a tray of shot glasses filled with a clear liquid set on a small table in the hall past the door. ‘What are these?’ he asked the fraternity boy.

‘Tequila shots.’

‘And you’re giving them to people as they come in?’

‘Right. Listen, you can’t—’

‘Just tequila?’ David interrupted.

‘I don’t know. I guess so.’

David quickly downed three of the drinks.

‘What the profanity man?’ the boy shouted angrily.

‘Stay,’ David commanded and then stepped further into the house and began to explore the bottom floor. There were people laughing and dancing and milling about the large house and David was surprised that the boy at the door had obeyed him and wondered if they would have any further confrontation. After fifteen minutes, he had forgotten about it. He pushed through the crowd, making his way through the house wearing a broad smile, and could taste sweat in the air. Several of the girls he passed gave him interested looks and a couple of them had touched his chest. One of them pushed him into the wall.

‘Hey.’ She lingered on the word. ‘I’d have sex with you.’ Her eyes were more closed than open and her speech was slurred. She was tall and brunette and her hair was pulled tight on her head and fell down her back, and David watched the lingering trails she made in the light as her head swayed.

‘Hi beautiful,’ he said calmly. ‘I’m actually looking for a friend.’

‘Is that me? I want to be your friend.’ She put her hands on his shoulders.

‘Ok.’ Her hands felt heavy and smooth on him and he answered, ‘I’ll be your friend.’

‘Oh I’m so happy. We’ll be best friends.’

‘That’s right.’ The thumping beat stretched out and David felt it reaching deeper in his chest. It pounded. ‘Can you help me with something?’

‘I’ll do whatever you want,’ she spoke so slowly that David almost forgot what she was saying by the time she finished the sentence.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked in a tone deeper than he had ever heard from himself. It echoed between his ears.

‘I’m yours,’ she said as she laid her head against his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist, grabbing his backside with both hands. They had not noticed but they were moving involuntarily to the beat, and through their movements David saw where they had been and where they were going, and the motions were outlined and drawn like a laser light show in the eye of his mind before he made them. He pulled his phone from his pocket and opened it. The light from the screen blurred like painted brushstrokes in the air. It was ten-twenty-seven. He had no new messages.

They’ve drugged everyone.

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