Sunrise Over the Storm

Her life was made by the sun’s bright ray
In a world where she was hidden…
His life shaped by the ones who hated
His light something long forbidden

Su corazón encajaba con el de ella
Y la vida se mueve por ellos

It always has and always will
To give the things that satisfy and fill
And bring together those that should not be
Them as one, then all the world’s mystery

In the middle of the storm
The first true love is born
An accident, but always meant to bloom
Like life itself… Imperfect at best, put to the test
But he loves her more than she sees
With the world in his hands, he’ll give it as planned
“Siempre, todo para ti”

Published by dbmoore0727

***All views are my own*** I write commentary on current world events as well as short stories and book reviews. My first book, Where the River Flows - Memories of the Shadow Age, can be found on Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited). I attended Arizona State University studying neurochemistry. I've worked professionally as a ghostwriter and managed analytical laboratories in supplements and pharmaceuticals, as well as operated as a consultant and technical writer for academics and companies in the science and engineering fields for over ten years. I've been writing creatively all my life. I hope you enjoy the content -- I want my readers to feel empowered to comment and critique as they feel compelled.

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