Moving west, the sun has set and blood shined over you
Now in this place, I count this grace a gift from something true
You’ve shaken me, but breaking isn’t something that I do
So now I lift my weary head, and cry out to the moon

Above duress, though I confess the pain of breaking through
I found the mess just as you left and picked a fight with you
Ironed out the wrinkled fabric, nothing else to choose
It laid us back onto this track, as they howl at the moon

They’re crashing in, and bashing me around my empty cell
The hollow nest inside my chest is holding them from hell
Would you rise to set them down? Of course, it’s what you do.
Then stick around with all we’ve found, and cry out to the moon

Unending dark
Forever will be tempered by my grin
Time now to start
I found your heart
I will enjoy this night with you
In endless dark
Deep in your heart
Deep, deep inside of you

Published by dbmoore0727

***All views are my own*** I write commentary on current world events as well as short stories and book reviews. My first book, Where the River Flows - Memories of the Shadow Age, can be found on Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited). I attended Arizona State University studying neurochemistry. I've worked professionally as a ghostwriter and managed analytical laboratories in supplements and pharmaceuticals, as well as operated as a consultant and technical writer for academics and companies in the science and engineering fields for over ten years. I've been writing creatively all my life. I hope you enjoy the content -- I want my readers to feel empowered to comment and critique as they feel compelled.

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