Oops… Sharks are Mammals Now

The world’s scariest predator just got even more dangerous. While doing my daily research, I came across this article on MSN. Apparently, a New Jersey man and his first mate hooked up with a dead, 10-foot long great white shark earlier this month, on August 1st. It was smelly, huge, and may have had nipples…

Brindley, who has been fishing in those waters for over four decades, had never before caught the mammal at the center of the “Jaws” films.

Jami Ganz, NYDailyNews.com, 2020

I’m just imagining the future and it doesn’t look good. Soon we’ll have hybrid great white flying-fox sharks running rampant all over the world. I don’t think the food-chain is prepared for this. Definitely an Apocalyptic scenario of invasive proportions. Worse if these predators develop an eye for human beauty. I can’t even begin to think of the terror they would bring to the modern world, especially if they’re able to hybridize with us… Artificial intelligence in the hands (fins?) of cold-blooded (or maybe not so cold-blooded) killers hell bent on human snacking would make Keanu Reeves wet himself.

Until then, we should remain vigilant and keep a watchful eye over our loved ones. The world is already bogged down with issues such as political corruption and flawed or fake news. We all make mistakes Jami. This one just made me laugh more than most. Sharks are fish, and will always be fish, God-willing…

Stay safe, healthy and cool… 🙂

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

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