A Step Above

There are times, she said
Times for what you want and times to stay in bed
After the morning, the time belongs to the sun
And what you think that you wanted turns its head to run
The sun it keeps revolving
The cycle it makes from the ground
Only seems to be on its own
But its so much more profound

It passes at night
In your head all delight
Make it so when you need it
When it pulls you
When you’re blinded by light

And if another might stand in the way
If you know when you wake that you have nothing to say
Leave it inside to find a place there to stay

Watch and take note
Watch it cut, let it carve

She tells me at the end you’ll know more than she wrote

Take back your time and let the roots hold up what grows


Published by dbmoore0727

If I explain it, what good does it do?

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