Hypersociety… Is it really sustainable?

The pace of life has only quickened in the wake of the technological explosion over the past few decades, amplified by a society that mimics the equally fast paced lifestyles of the celebrity influencers who have shaped our modern world. Many of those influencers burned out bright, running themselves into the ground in their often drug fueled frenzies. The concept of artificial intelligence or technology itself rising as force to be tamed (in my opinion) becomes important in aspects of life that we may not have considered as we built our current system while instant gratification and boredom become a monster that can be compared to things like drug addiction. However, it is not just addiction to technology or a false sense of reward that arises. Socially, life is becoming incredibly fast paced (we’re addicted to it), and when technology hits a plateau, the spiral into addiction begins to drive evolution and the progression of society. That is a problem.

How do we continue in insatiable desire for more when we all reach the top, or hit our plateaus? From my vantage, this is where desperation sets in. This is where a drug addict or adrenaline junkie turns to increasingly destructive behavior in order to fill a void that they created in themselves. Unfortunately, destructive behavior is not always seen as destructive until the damage is done. Many times, it is not. The social media monster is providing a platform for individuals to indulge in behavior and conversation that they would otherwise avoid entirely. Innocent flirting with dozens of others desensitizes people to emotion and reduces empathy. It’s an opinion, but Dr. Helen Reiss agrees. Arguments that spiral into the hateful and senseless trading of written lashings become a point of contention that just can’t be resolved if and when those individuals (or others with similarly opposing ideas) meet. All of this feels oddly safe when the players sit behind their portals into cyberspace. Here I am, sitting in a cafĂ© and doing the same. The difference is, I believe I should and would be able to have this conversation with someone face to face without allowing it to devolve into a lust or hate filled rendezvous.

How long into the future can this continue? Consider how life has changed since the 90s, 00s, or even since 2010. At this rate of change, how many decades can this trend be followed before a boiling point in society is reached? When the dam breaks, it’s a free for all, I think, at least in my homeland (The US). I also think the seams are bursting as I type this. With the existence of coronavirus and HIV, political tension and civil rights activists forcing their opinions down the throats of their childhood friends, I tend to think it won’t end well. In a world where everyone lives in the same virtual home, we’re all family, and we’re not getting along. That perceived level of comfort with one another creates a sense of entitlement over one another’s ideas and lives.

My call to action is to ask ourselves why we should really care. Freedom, financial security, and personal rights, I suppose. Really, none of that is threatened in the United States. The United States government is not corrupt, though in a democracy, corruption is more likely when the masses are spoiled. Think about it. As it is, The US government gave its citizens money during a health and financial crisis (COVID-19) when many other governments took the opportunity to do the opposite, though not necessarily directly. A time out is necessary. Go to your rooms and think about what you’ve done before I talk to you. Really, the people who are social distancing online are doing it right (stay grounded). Take the opportunity to slow things down a little. Rawr.

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