Book Review – Bullets and Bones by R.S. Penney

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Book 2 of Desa Kinaid’s adventures set in the mystical alternate to the American Wild West is filled with unique lore, adventure, intrigue, action, and rich character development. Much of the lore may seem confusing, giving the reader reason to check out the first book in the series as well, but the text is clear and accessible to almost any reader. Penney works wonders with words as he has painted vivid, beautiful scenes of the world he created in Bullets and Bones. The characters are complex and believable, and the overall story-telling is superb.

It is clear that the author was inspired by fantasy classics such as “Lord of the Rings”, and while his books include a fair amount of original mysticism and maintain a surreal approach, there is an edge to the writing that grounds the reader and makes the overall experience a little more believable. Fans of fantasy, sci-fi, and even historic fiction will all greatly enjoy this series, and any avid reader will find this book to be a pleasure.

Synopsis: “Desa Kincaid set out to save her world from the machinations of a madman. She failed. Now, she finds herself a prisoner in her own city, navigating a web of political intrigue. Hope beckons in the form of the mysterious Spear of Vengeance, a weapon forged by the gods. To recover it, Desa will take a journey into the very heart of the ancient world and confront an enemy more powerful than any she has faced so far: her own guilt.”

Full Book Found on Amazon

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