The Greatest Gift

© pixabay/geralt

To pull the head up from the clouds

Away from sleep the mind aroused

To see the dancers dancing in time

And dancing to show the stars aligned

Freed from bonds and seeded lies

Though not from what they can’t despise

And they all heightened by the prize

In part fulfilled

But part from them must hide

Given value by their rhyme

Held back to keep him proud

The belief is always shared

Though no matter how they cry

The winds that chill his heart

Remain as though they’re mine

What do they desire?

And what does it become?

When desire unfulfilled allows them all to shine?

The eternal unfulfilled

Given to one and for a time

As long as she would take it

Perhaps to break the old disguise

It’s something no one else can give

It’s something that wasn’t meant to be

It’s what he always longs to send

It’s something close to the divine

And all he wants to hear her say…

Is: The Greatest Gift is mine.

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If I explain it, what good does it do?

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