Open for the light And quench all thirst at night Green to red Let pollinators in Take in all that’s been Copy one and read the next Offer brand new context Then let new trials bend the youth Extend to capture newfound modern truth Return the light Defy the night Hold the gain and tightenContinue reading “Bloom”


Let me shout and dare to show Things deep inside you’ll never know I’ll let them out to travel wild You’ll hear them bounce as you’re beguiled Once, twice, thrice; they’re amplified Meaning compounds; your sense defied What begins so simple And that which starts so neat Fills with itself while old depletes What usedContinue reading “Reverberate”

Something Borrowed

Your eyes have something borrowed And they are something new Beneath the something old They’re hiding something blue The beauty of the bold The wicked things you do Expressed behind the prism All stored inside of you Light will always flow And bend us both into The shape that we become When One is madeContinue reading “Something Borrowed”