To See What Was Always There

In darkness hid the frame

Sunlight pre-natal

Transparent glassy crystal glare
Trapped the scaffold matrix there

No time to start
No end to see
Just always in between

Spectrum spread to barely hide
The nothing everything inside
Inside too many hearts
Inside hearts laying down beside
Beside the broken parts

Though broken never damaged
The white has now become
Expanse diverse and all unbound
Unbound and self contained
With all in window pane
Every color and all between
The eyes would fall to catch them all
In all no end there to be found

The friction of the hearts
His on hers
Or hers with his
Though always something new
And greater than the sum
Unveils something they’ve done
And opens up the tear
To show them all the thing
To let them see what was always there


Published by dbmoore0727

If I explain it, what good does it do?

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