For Whom The Angel Prays – Ep. 4

The skies darkened and the world around the glowing girl and her counterpart became a dense blend of color, swirling and stretching in an arc around the pair. The boy stood hulking behind the angel, Aurelie. Though she couldn’t feel it, the ground beneath her shook while she surveyed the changing countryside. What was left of it.

“You’re letting it go to your head you know?”

“I’ve started to.”

“Maybe we should stop walking,” she suggested.

“You’re leading.”

“And do you think that’s the problem?”

“I’m not paying attention to anything but you.”

Above, in the skies, where darkness had not yet covered the azul, flashes of light pulsed through the spreading blanket. It pulsed and glittered along the ground until the piercing beams retreated back into the heavens and the glowing pockets condensed and focused into blinking crystals. The angel gazed upward as thousands of these crystals cooled and fell up into the dark blanket, rolling and swirling and locking into place. The boy had not taken his eyes away from those of the golden female, though the stare was not returned.

“I’d be impressed if I didn’t already know.” The girl was smiling.

“What do you know?”

“Do you want me to tell you?”

“You probably shouldn’t,” he replied, laughing deeply. And slowly.

The angel shook her head and the light flooding the ground beneath her feet swung in an a sweeping arc in front of her. “What if I don’t say anything for a while?”

“You don’t need to.”

The angle continued gazing skyward at the blanket of coalescent flashes. The earth had ceased its shaking. Neither the boy or the girl held any awareness of the surrounding landscape, but they could feel the cool touch of the mist that had slowly draped itself around them. The air and mist held loosely onto the radiating glow that came from the angel’s body, and beyond that, nothing could be seen by the hulking boy with the booming voice. Neither could his vision pierce the heavy mist had he desired it to.

He extended an arm with his fingers just slightly curved, and those fingers found rest just below the glowing female’s shoulder. When contact was made, the glow she produced dimmed as she inhaled quickly and sharply, but smoothly, and that glow returned brighter than before. The deep purple of the sky deepened and the crystalline lights expanded.

Her eyes found his again. They must have held the source of the glow she produced.

“Should I take them back?” The deep voice groaned.

Her head moved left to right slowly and then paused before moving back and forth quickly.

His head nodded and the ground beneath the pair shook again while the lights above took on their colors.

“I wouldn’t.”



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