For Whom The Angel Prays – Ep. 5

He reached out to touch her hand. She had never been touched before.


The moment his hand came in contact with hers, vibration and pulses sizzled and sputtered through her body and then her head filled with a tingling warmth that forced the word from her mouth. The stars above glittered like fire.

“That wasn’t expected,” said the hulking boy.

“It was,” she replied, “but it had never been experienced.”

He let out a deep bellowing laugh, quietly resonant. “No.”

His hand moved from hers along the contour of her arm and up to her neck where his fingers were allowed to run lightly along the curve between her shoulder and ear. Inside her, the pulse and shock heightened and her skin felt almost cold in response. Reye brought his other arm up and around the lower back of the golden female, with the hand rested along the tops of her legs. The pulsing grew to fill her entire body and the sky began to glow a pale red and then orange. Reye pulled the girl close to himself and his chest brushed her bosom and then they were together. His forehead fell just slightly to lean against hers, and the pressure of the feeling she had held inside spilled into his head and down into his entire body like a slow light fighting to erase the darkness in every extremity. His eyes were closed, but he could see a yellow border to the silhouette that was the two of them. Her arms had come up to allow her hands to feel at the small of his back and then they came up further and pulled him closer to her and the sky became a brighter orange and then yellow and the two embraced under the fading stars as the sun also rose over the distant horizon with the mist still laying over the green.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, without hesitation.

“To know that should I ever go, I will always return in such a way.”

“Like that?” she playfully asked. “Then go, and come back, and go again to come back once more.”

“And while I’m gone?”

“I’ll wait.”

And then he left. Quickly, abruptly, and completely, he took himself from her and took the pulsing warmth away with him and then she was alone.

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