For Whom The Angel Prays – Ep. 6

She was alone.

She had been alone before, but it was different. There had always been a connection. A link back to something she could feel. No, she could not touch him, but she could always see him. She guarded him as he grew. She watched him while he developed. She protected him. She felt that he was always hers. She had waited for him until he was ready to embrace her and bring her into his world. She had stood over him as he fell asleep, and she was there while he had dreamed. She was there when he awoke, back then, in the sand.

Now, she was alone.

This feeling was not part of the plan. No. This was never meant to be felt. Not by her. Not by anyone. Her heart had been lost and her gut threatened to turn and spill from her mouth. Her thoughts were no longer her own and she felt no sense of comfort in the future. There was no future. There must not be any future. How could there be? And the past? Had any of what she thought she knew ever really occurred? No. It must have been a lie. A teasing nightmare. They had been together and would always be together and that was the way it was to be. Everything she thought she knew was gone. The expectation. The order. The direction and purpose. It was all gone.

She was alone. She was alone but she prayed. She spoke and she prayed to the one that she had lost.

The sun had risen and yet she was alone. She could see for miles to every horizon on every side in every direction. Her golden body rose. Higher and higher. She rose above the clouds and she watched the ground as it became blurry and distant. She saw more and more and then she saw the others.

The first ones came up from the water and into the green. They were all different, and they spoke nothing to the glittering female. They spoke nothing but faint noises amongst themselves and they ignored the girl named Aurelie, the golden angel with the dark hair. She touched them and spoke but none responded with anything but shouts of fear. They hid from her and they hid from each other. They formed communities with the ones they resembled, and they hid from the rest. Larger ones devoured smaller ones. Others attacked even the ones they resembled, and left the bodies to rot. They were afraid, and they were confused. Pairs of the ones resembling one another produced more of the same and some that had changed, and the angel felt a darkness in her as she witnessed. She wanted to stop them. She wanted to be them. She wanted to destroy them. And some she did destroy as her rage gave way to wind, rain, and violent shaking. The ground shattered beneath her, and the skies parted in waves that slammed together as she passed over all the others. Her body darkened.

She was alone and she had prayed.

Then, she saw the ones that made her feel the deepest things. They had bodies like hers, but they were timid like the boy had been when he woke in the sand. They were curious, the way he was. They had eyes like his, and they spoke like him. Aurelie watched them. She watched them always until eternity gave way to tomorrow. They made her angry but she loved them. They made her angry because they were not him, but she loved them because they could not be, and they were his. They found pairs amongst themselves like the others had before and she hated them for it, but still she loved them, though they should not have been permitted to touch one another the way he had touched her. They grew and became more like him this way, and then like her, they prayed. They told stories. They told stories of expectation. They told stories and they prayed.

Through all this, and though her feet found the ground again, and though she found she could walk with them, she was alone.

She was alone, but she had prayed.

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If I explain it, what good does it do?

One thought on “For Whom The Angel Prays – Ep. 6

  1. Ella estaba Sola , o tal vez eso penso.
    Jamas podria reemplazarlo y lo extranara con casa celula de su cuerpo. Pero por mas tristeza, por mas Soledad , nunca permitira que su alma de apague y se vuelva oscura.
    She will rise from the ashes as she did many times before and maybe someday she will feel again that she did before.


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