A Step Above

There are times, she said
Times for what you want and times to stay in bed
After the morning, the time belongs to the sun
And what you think that you wanted turns its head to run
The sun it keeps revolving
The cycle it makes from the ground
Only seems to be on its own
But its so much more profound

It passes at night
In your head all delight
Make it so when you need it
When it pulls you
When you’re blinded by light

And if another might stand in the way
If you know when you wake that you have nothing to say
Leave it inside to find a place there to stay

Watch and take note
Watch it cut, let it carve

She tells me at the end you’ll know more than she wrote

Take back your time and let the roots hold up what grows


Mona Lisa

Radiant beauty under a weak facade
Aloof and even arrogant
Are you hiding well enough my dear?
Because I see through your lonely stare

Who does that make me?
And what am I to you?

I can hear you calling me
I don’t want to believe it either
But why do we always play this way?
Is honesty so outdated?

No one else can hear you cry
As they can’t read between the lines
But I see through the flowing tears
To the deepest scars and greatest fears

Who does that make me?
And what am I to you?

Oops… Sharks are Mammals Now

The world’s scariest predator just got even more dangerous. While doing my daily research, I came across this article on MSN. Apparently, a New Jersey man and his first mate hooked up with a dead, 10-foot long great white shark earlier this month, on August 1st. It was smelly, huge, and may have had nipples…

Brindley, who has been fishing in those waters for over four decades, had never before caught the mammal at the center of the “Jaws” films.

Jami Ganz, NYDailyNews.com, 2020

I’m just imagining the future and it doesn’t look good. Soon we’ll have hybrid great white flying-fox sharks running rampant all over the world. I don’t think the food-chain is prepared for this. Definitely an Apocalyptic scenario of invasive proportions. Worse if these predators develop an eye for human beauty. I can’t even begin to think of the terror they would bring to the modern world, especially if they’re able to hybridize with us… Artificial intelligence in the hands (fins?) of cold-blooded (or maybe not so cold-blooded) killers hell bent on human snacking would make Keanu Reeves wet himself.

Until then, we should remain vigilant and keep a watchful eye over our loved ones. The world is already bogged down with issues such as political corruption and flawed or fake news. We all make mistakes Jami. This one just made me laugh more than most. Sharks are fish, and will always be fish, God-willing…

Stay safe, healthy and cool… 🙂

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Of Voided Love’s Reprise

The lover’s bound insanity
With God’s forsaken vanity
Thrown into wicked fire’s ice
Not just once but only twice
Pry the others from calamity

Three or twenty-seven bound
No matter theirs is heaven sound
Together voices crying fate and fate has ever come around

For each their failing never-lasting dream
Trouble only spiraling

All spilled from such an old device

Parted seas expose the lover’s paradise


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This poem was:


Moving west, the sun has set and blood shined over you
Now in this place, I count this grace a gift from something true
You’ve shaken me, but breaking isn’t something that I do
So now I lift my weary head, and cry out to the moon

Above duress, though I confess the pain of breaking through
I found the mess just as you left and picked a fight with you
Ironed out the wrinkled fabric, nothing else to choose
It laid us back onto this track, as they howl at the moon

They’re crashing in, and bashing me around my empty cell
The hollow nest inside my chest is holding them from hell
Would you rise to set them down? Of course, it’s what you do.
Then stick around with all we’ve found, and cry out to the moon

Unending dark
Forever will be tempered by my grin
Time now to start
I found your heart
I will enjoy this night with you
In endless dark
Deep in your heart
Deep, deep inside of you

Trump Says “Get Back in the Kitchen!”

Oh Donald… If you’re looking for a break, you won’t find one in 2020. And no, you can’t just decide not to have the election this year. If you ban TikTok, your best choice is to look into investing in a few American made alternatives to the viral video social media platform. Seriously. Not a bad choice for anyone with some spare cash. But Donald, at least you’ve been able to maintain your antiquated worldview throughout your term as president. We all greatly appreciate your consistency.

In all seriousness, I’m not here to bash our commander in chief or anyone else for that matter. But when I see an opportunity to discuss more deeply the complexities of the American government and the circus that follows it, I take it. Where would we be today without politics? People might actually enjoy using Twitter. Really though… consider it. If Twitter was just a fun place to connect peacefully about shared interests… Well nevermind. It isn’t. There is a lot of garbage out there. For every rose you’ll find a dozen thorns. A lot of the arguing on political issues and current events lack a representative for a “correct” side, so everyone simply continues to yell and nothing ever truly gets resolved. One of today’s headlines is a perfect example. Trump made a comment about a repeal to the fair housing act (AFFH) stating that suburban housewives would be safer without low income families invading their neighborhoods. Ok, maybe… Wait… No. The vast majority of your suburban housewives live in retirement communities, and the rest… They’re in their suburban houses. The act isn’t going to force an HOA to build a cheap apartment building at the end of one of its dog-bone cul-de-sacs. Anyone moving into that neighborhood is going to pay for the luxury. Price up, crime down. Any Trump, non white non suburban non housewives are not necessarily criminals. Poor residents of economically depressed regions with unmet needs are criminals. In any case, all this followed the recent announcement of Joe Biden’s running mate, non white non male Kamala Harris.

There are a few things that need to be said. Of course Trump is being ridiculous, but he needs any support her can get, and he’s flailing. Biden’s choice in running mate is just as politically strategic… but it’s also a good decision. He isn’t catching the same flak that Trump is for attempting to pander to an audience, but the intention is the same. The real red flag is the age and lack of social awareness being exhibited. I’m not sure what else to say. As an 80s baby, I see the problems society is facing from every angle, and I don’t think our candidates do. The call to action here for you, the reader, is to be as involved as possible. Americans still live in a democracy, and we currently have commination platforms such as Twitter that allow all voices to be heard instantly, by anyone and everyone, when necessary. If you see something wrong, say something. My only other advice is to ignore symptoms that the law is meant to handle and look for problems with the law and lawmakers themselves. Neither side is winning in America. They’re just moving further apart and creating a real threat of civil conflict.

Freedom is an illusion. Even the roaming hunter falls after he jumps.

Let Your Shadow Part the Way

I fell with you
And all the rest saw your display
I would choose to do and never look away
We left them there to find our peace
In wasteland lovers bind until all time would cease

Move on to grow and take back ours
The other gazed on
Surely beguiled

Fall again to southern shores
Where God’s beloved city roars
A creature true
Had come along to cradle you
Then broke the cord
Broken accord
To flow into the separate molds
Of Fairy and of Wolf

Now fairy flies to part the skies
Her shadow brings the devil’s things
From those who feel too much
In lust and for the hate of it
Cut and ride the line between destruction and the end

In all perfection sought
Unattained but worth the thought

She stays forever free

She prays down on her knees

Sunrise Over the Storm

Her life was made by the sun’s bright ray
In a world where she was hidden…
His life shaped by the ones who hated
His light something long forbidden

Su corazón encajaba con el de ella
Y la vida se mueve por ellos

It always has and always will
To give the things that satisfy and fill
And bring together those that should not be
Them as one, then all the world’s mystery

In the middle of the storm
The first true love is born
An accident, but always meant to bloom
Like life itself… Imperfect at best, put to the test
But he loves her more than she sees
With the world in his hands, he’ll give it as planned
“Siempre, todo para ti”